1.       Conc. H2SO4 ( 60ml ) K2S2O8 (5g)  are mixed carefully and slowly in a glass flask ( 250 ml ) and this mixture is heated at 80 C ensure maintenance of heat 

2.       The graphite Powder (10 g) is put into mixture slowly watch for reaction do not let the material overheat monitor temp maintain 80 C. Graphite will react exothermically and will raise the temperature of mixture if mixture is allowed to dried out or boil the liquid out it can be reactive with heat .  

3.       The resulting liquid will be dark blue in color and then remove from hotplate allow to cool to room tempura for 6 h or overnight.

4.       The mixture is then carefully diluted with distilled water to the top 2/3 of flask.

5.       Pour mixture into vacuumed flask with very porous filter paper ( not sure of type here but the mixture will be gummy at this point ) wash with 250 ml distilled water or till PH meter reads around 7 PH it is safe to remove from hood at this point   this is dried overnight at 50 C

        Several things to kepp in mind graphite oxide is a intercoltion method so we are not actully making a oxide bond. Instead we are traping a oxgen molucle in between graphite layers allowing for bonding on th free oxegeen molucle. This means that the stucture is vered and could be anything from an OH to COOH so stong acid is required to reduce other bonds and have a diaation of  H+ this allows for stong possinblllty of OH stucture outside the flake.

   Graphite powder should be used the finer the better. incress of suface area means beter oxdation of surface .

Step 2 peroxdation-104:36

Step 2 peroxdation-1

Step 3 preoxdation-106:06

Step 3 preoxdation-1

Step 5 preoxdation-100:46

Step 5 preoxdation-1

Step 6 prooxdation00:58

Step 6 prooxdation

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