1.       Take a small syringe and draw from bottom of graphite oxide solution till full and fill a small centrifuge tube.

2.       Balance tubes for centrifuge tubes and spin for 5 min use a syringe with tube attached to draw from bottom of tube place in tube approximately 10 ml size .

3.       Take a plastic sheet and cut the appropriate size for Lightscribe cd rom disc make sure you leave the bar code at inside edge free to allow spin recognition.

4.       Using a small paint brush paint the plastic cut out and on one side and then let dry

5.       Dried cut out is turned over and a small amount of tacky glue is applied to underside this allows you to peel off dielectric sheet.

6.       Place tack side down on Lightscribe CD-ROM  and place with graphite oxide side towards burning

7.       Use burning software to make pattern and burn graphite oxide to make graphene

8.       After burning dietetic plate with graphene graphite oxide is light brown graphene will be dark in color.

9.       Test for conductivity graphite oxide will have 15-20 M ohms resistance graphene should have 5-0 ohms resistance

10.   Peel sheet and place to be used later.

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Cell step one-0

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Cell step 2-0

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